For a relatively small town (about 5000     people according to the 2012  census)     Sayre has an  amazing  amount to offer.     Our Borough Manager  since November of 1997,  David M. Jarrett mentioned to me one day that a person  could live a very  comfortable life in Sayre without  stepping  outside of the borough boundaries. After hearing  this statement, I began to explore the  possibilities.

As I thought about his statement, I realized that a person could be born at the Robert Packer Hospital. If you were that person, your education might be through the Sayre School System’s Elementary, Middle and High Schools, http://www.sayresd.org/ or you might attend The Epiphany School http://www.epiphany-school.net/ for your Pre School through 8th grade education. Students in the High School and adults in the community have the opportunity to attend Northern Tier Career Center http://www.ntccschool.org/, a terrific offering to Sayre Borough students and adult residents who would like to obtain post high school job careers training.

Of course there is also the Main Link, a place that also offers Educational Workshops, Computer Skills training and Wellness and Nutrition Classes to Sayre residents as a Community Support Program. http://www.themainlink.net/

Once you have your education, you might want to work at the Guthrie HealthCare System, http://www.guthrie.org/  an employer who has more than 4500 employees with many of them working right here on the Sayre campus. The Guthrie HealthCare System also offers educational courses for those wishing to move on with their education. Want to start your own business? The Sayre Incubator is there to assist.                                                                       

 Careers in the Borough could also be found at the various businesses, day care providers, insurance companies and so many other places.

To sum things up… you can be born in Sayre, grow up in Sayre, become educated in Sayre, work in Sayre, you can have your taxes done in Sayre, you can find a lawyer in Sayre, an accountant can also be found in Sayre, you can become a volunteer in Sayre, you can go to a concert in the park in Sayre, dine out in Sayre (there are many good restaurants including fast food, carry out, ethnic specialties, dine-in restaurants and bakeries), buy ice-cream from ice-cream vendors in Sayre, get your groceries in Sayre, worship in Sayre, be married in Sayre, have the reception or other large celebration in Sayre, go to the library in Sayre, go to the movies in Sayre, buy gifts for friends at one of our shops in Sayre,  buy furniture in Sayre, find a hardware/lumber supply store in Sayre, find an auto parts store in Sayre, have your car repaired in Sayre, purchase a new car in Sayre, purchase gas for your new car in Sayre, find a taxi in Sayre, go to the dentist in Sayre, go to a hobby shop in Sayre, use a storage facility in Sayre, have guests stay in a hotel or one of the bed and breakfasts in Sayre, be treated at one of the finest hospitals and clinics in the world in Sayre, attend a wonderful Annual Christmas Parade the Friday after Thanksgiving in Sayre, (thousands in attendance with more than 50 participating groups with floats, bands and more) and yes, even be buried in Sayre.

There are probably other offerings in Sayre that I have overlooked but you do get the idea, I hope. A person can live happily from beginning to our final days, here in Sayre, Pennsylvania without stepping outside of the borough lines. Sayre’s a pretty great place to live.