Polling Locations


1ST Ward – Elks Club/Annex-side door of parking lot

2nd Ward – Keystone Manor, Community Room 900 North Elmer Avenue

3rd Ward – J E Wheelock Fire Hall (Milltown) 217 North Street

4th Ward – St. John’s Lutheran Church 207 South Hopkins Street

5th Ward – Sayre Borough Public Works Department Office 321 South Thomas Ave.

For other information relating to voting, i.e. voter registration, etc. you might want to check out the website www.canIvote.org The Web site www.canIvote.org is maintained by the National Association of Secretaries of State, the nation's oldest, nonpartisan professional association for public officials. The site’s members are the chief state election officials in 39 states.

Wards vs. Zones

The Borough is divided into Voting Wards and Service Zones. Do not let this confuse you. They are quite different. Wards address the issue of "Where do I go to Vote?" The Ward map indicates your Voting Ward. Locate your street on The Polling Location Map to determine your Voting Ward. The chart indicates where you go to vote.

Map of Voting Wards