The Borough Manager is an appointed official.

Borough Manager: David Jarrett

Mr. Jarrett can be reached either through e-mail or by calling the Sayre Borough Office at (570)888-7739 or (570)888-7730 ext. 13.

It is the responsibility of the Borough Manager to direct the daily function of the Borough, coordinate the various Borough departments, prepare the annual budget, secure grant funds, develop long-range planning, implement policy decisions of the Council, and communicate with the public.

David Jarrett has served as Sayre’s Borough Manager since 1997. He is a graduate of Kutztown University and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration. Mr. Jarrett is the second generation of his family to serve as a municipal manager.

In addition to his responsibilities as Borough Manager, David is also a member of the Sayre Code Agency Board, the Valley Joint Sewer Authority, Bradford County Earned Income Tax Commission, Sayre Borough Christmas Parade Committee, and the Sayre Community Corporation. In addition to each of those organizations, David also serves as the Borough’s UDAG and CDBG Grant Coordinator.

Securing more than $2.0 million in grant funds including $1 million for improvements to the Borough’s recycling program, $450,000 for the Hoover/Bradford/Draper Infrastructure Project, and $160,000 for the new Department of Public Works & Emergency Operations Center in the last ten years,. As a result of these grant funds, improvements have been made to Sayre’s recycling services, flood protection programs, public safety, and many other public service improvements. Mr. Jarrett believes securing these funds has contributed strongly to the success of the Borough.

The Borough has invested more than $5 million in infrastructure improvements including sewer line replacement and roadway repairs. These improvements have been completed with minimal financial impact to residents and property owners.

The completion of Borough’s Department of Public Works and Emergency Operations Building, the new Sayre Borough Police Department building (the William J. Hickey Building), Hoover/Bradford/Draper Infrastructure Project, and the Recycling & Compost Facility were some of the projects taking place in the Borough in 2011 and 2012.

Since 1997, David states that he has had the pleasure to work with many good people. He believes that together they have ensured that improvements have been made to each neighborhood park and the planting of more than 150 new trees throughout the Borough.

In addition to these improvements, David has observed that a substantial amount of money has been invested in new equipment for each Borough department.

David Jarrett also serves in the capacity of Borough Treasurer, Borough Secretary, Sayre Christmas Parade Committee Chairman, Sayre Community Corporation President, and UDAG & CDBG Grant Coordinator.